welcome 2 the fen zone

12/6/23, 3pm: hmmmm i should figure out how i want to post my art here. like i wanna minify the files so they don't take as long to load, but i'll admit that i like the effect of waiting for images to fully load......

12/3/23, 530pm: i put together a lil 88x31px button if you wanna link back to me. tysm to all my neocities followers, the only followers that matter lol

oh hey also, i opened an online store for my handmade stickers earlier this year! they're sparkly and holographic and very rad, i swear. they're the kinda thing you'd get out of a gas station vending machine in a 90s retrofuture holonovel.

like look how cool this is, dang!!!

11/22/23, 1pm: SORRY HAHA I'M BACK LOL. turns out i got the kinda meat mecha where taking care of myself is a full time job, wahoooooo. i've been focusing on healing through artistic pratice for the last year. i've made so much cool shit i'm excited to show you!! i've been experimenting with mixed media, which i've been sharing over on instagram. i'm on the final steps of finishing a huge fiber art piece, so much blanket stitching lolsob.

11/4/22, 6pm: man remember when the internet used to be people updating their site every six months saying SORRY HAHA I'M BACK? that ruled.

5/24/22, 11am: yo i have MOVED! still gotta clean out random crap from the old place, but hopefully we'll get it sorted soon. i thiiiink i'm gonna update my professional site, hot dang! could use a better theme that communicates my vibe more, and i wanna sort out old work from newer stuff. focus more on design and accessibility work, less old code work.

5/2/22, 7pm: new job has gone well, very proud of all the skills i've built up. moving is happening this month, and i'm very excited to set up the new physical fen zone.

2/25/22, 10pm: february was a success! landed a new job that starts monday, and we're working on moving soon wahoooooo. we're going to a little cabin for a week soon, too.

2/1/22, 3pm: HELLO NERDS, i've been focusing on transitioning back into working full time! also i started some new medical things that i'm adjusting to, all good stuff though! also update: i successfully did every genuary prompt the day-of, and i have so much stuff i'm so happy with! i'll probably make a little page for them on here, y'all will love it.

1/18/22, 7pm: it's extremely very frustrating to be chronically ill and fatigued!!!! i've been kicking ass on my toki pona flashcards for a month now, and haven't missed a day of genuary! just because i'm sick doesn't mean i have to be sad, which is a revoluntionary concept for me lol.

1/14/22, 4pm: just finished my first voice lesson! i'm working on using this beautiful deep range that testosterone gave me, while maintaining effeminate speech patterns. also my cute little holographic rainbow kalimba came in the mail.

1/12/22, 1pm: hiiii!!! i've been doing genuary over on my twitter, and making neat generative art every day. i've definitely gotta figure out how i wanna display my portfolio on this site. i'm thinking it might be neat to do just a cool ass collage of some kind? i don't want to relearn how to do image link maps or whatever they're called, but MAN that would be a fun way to do it. anyways! i made more progress in chicory recently and then watched the really charming run in this year's agdq. that game has helped me so much with processing my own art feelings.

1/5/22, noon: just got back from my 8 week follow up visit after top surgery. i'm free of all restrictions and can lift my cat and do yoga and lie flat to my heart's content.

1/4/22, 6pm: i spent my monday cleaning my room and rearranging things, and now i'm all cozy and ready for january. i finished the main story for chicory today and i'm at something like 87% completion.

1/2/22, 5pm: haaaaaaaappy new year! i've been playing a bunch of chicory and being cozy during a snowstorm.

12/29/21, 7pm: yesterday i took two edibles and deep cleaned my living room.

12/27/21, 9pm: turns out if you don't log in for more than a year, yahoo mail deletes your emails and contacts and pretty much everything. i was able to recover my old myspace and livejournal though, so that's nice.

12/27/21, 1:30pm: i just logged into my yahoo mail account for the first time in probably a decade. now to see which old acounts i can still access from my childhood, hmmmmmmmm

12/26: currently, the worst part of my top surgery recovery is not being able to lay on my sides or front. so uncomfy!!!

12/25: top of my reading pile is "sapiens, a graphic history"

12/23 thought: dang i wish i still had my huge collection of blinkies and xanga icons from middle school